Discover how mushrooms are good for you

How to grow your own mushrooms at home!

Growing mushrooms at home is a challenging and rewarding hobby that can provide with a year round source of highly nutritious mushroom, you can also grow many varieties that are not normally stocked at most retailers, and save lots of money!

Its a common myth that growing mushrooms requires specialised equipment, with many growing guides designed to allow you to grow mushrooms with everyday kitchen items.

Growing your own mushrooms can also be a healthier alternative than buying and importing dried mushrooms. Mushrooms are directly influenced by their environment, and it has been shown that mushrooms ( dried varieties) exported from China contain higher levels of heavy metals (eg Lead), due to pollution close to where they are grown. This can be avoided by growing your own mushrooms at home.

Growing Advice, Techniques and Guides

grain jars for growing mushrooms

Our understanding of the benefits of mushrooms in our diet is continually changing. Currently benefits have been identified including increased brain function and preventing memory loss, helping to prevent diseases such as types of cancers and shrinking tumour cells, and even aiding weight loss.


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