Quick guide for completing the PF-Tek, Step by Step for Growing Mushrooms

How to Grow Mushrooms Quick Guide

Looking for a quick summary of the PF Tek? Look no further than this no frills summary!

The PF tek is a method of growing mushrooms that is designed to work easily at home for hobby mycologist using everyday items. It is suitable for growing various types of mushrooms such as Oyster mushrooms, through modification of the substrate it can also be used to grow species such as Lion’s Mane. This method was originally designed to grow psilocybin species however has been used by at home hobby grower to grow all types of medical and gourmet mushrooms.

For a detailed PF Tek Guide- Check here.

Mushroom growing on substrate

Equipment for growing mushrooms using the PF Tek

Jars – ‘Bell Wide Mouth’ preserving jars 240ml or no larger than 16oz


Perlite (optional)

Brown rice flour (can be made with brown rice and a spice grinder)

Spore Syringe


Pressure Cooker

Mixing bowl 

Micropore / hypafix tape (adhesive breathable medical tape)

Steps for growing mushrooms using the PF Tek

  1. Prepare jars by drilling 4 small holes into lids
  2. Mix 2 parts vermiculite to one part water in a mixing bowl
  3. Mix 1 part brown rice flour to wet vermiculite mixture (2:1:1 ratio of vermiculite:water:BRF)
  4. Check for field capacity
  5. Load jar approx ¾ full
  6. Fill remaining volume of jar with dry vermiculite
  7. Cover holes in lid with micro pore tape
  8. Cover lids with foil
  9. Place in pressure cooker, on trivet above water
  10. Sterilise jars in pressure cooker at 15 psi for 60mins
  11. Once cool, remove jars and set up Still air box
  12. Place jars in SAB (Why use an SAB? Find out here!)
  13. Prepare syringe, and shake to break up spore clumps
  14. One at a time, remove foil from the jar, lift up the tape gently and insert the syringe, inject approx ¼ ml into the hole, reapply the tape and repeat for each hole. Discard foil
  15. Flame sterilise the needle by holding it over flame until red hot, allow to cool for 30 sec before starting the next jar.
  16. Place jars in a clean dark, dry area between 20-27 degrees and allow jars to colonise ( 1-4 weeks)
  17. After the outside of cake is colonised, leave for one more week for consolidation
  18. Birth jars by removing the lid and gently tapping to dislodge the cake.
  19. Rinse off extra vermiculite.
  20. Submerge cakes in room temp water for 12-24hr in a dark space.
  21. Remove from water and roll cakes in dry vermiculite to coat outer layer
  22. Cover the bottom of your Shotgun fruiting chamber or fruiting chamber with damp perlite,
  23. Place cakes on a small piece of clean alfoil in the fruiting chamber. 
  24. If not using a SCFG, remove lid and fan cakes after misting 3-4 times a day
  25. If using a SCFG, mist cakes daily or as required 
  26. Harvest fruits just prior to, or as the veils start breaking. Use a sharp clean knife, or twist base of mushrooms gently. 
  27. Repeat steps 19- 26 for second flush, continue until no more fruits grow, or contamination

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