Nutritional Value of Mushrooms and Mushroom Calories Key Facts

Mushroom Calories(100 grams- fresh)
White Button 22 cal
Enoki 37 cal
Oyster35 cal
King Oyster35 cal
Shiitake34 cal
Maitake31 cal
Portobello22 cal
Lion’s Main35 cal
Reishi44 cal

Mushroom Nutrition Facts

  • Mushrooms are naturally very low in calories
  • Mushrooms are one of the highest edible sources of vitamin D
  • Mushrooms can be used to fight brain diseases
  • Mushrooms are linked with improving liver health
  • Mushroom are densely packed with nutrients ( the reishi mushroom has over 400 nutrients)

Mushrooms are globally enjoyed and more commonly used as a delicacy in a wide variety of food dishes. From being a favourite pizza topping to an essential ingredient for a delicious breakfast omelette, mushrooms are easy to enjoy, and offer great nutritional benefits.

While this now considered super food has been used for centuries by many ancient civilisations, it is finally picking up the pace to be this generation’s popular supplement. Furthermore, researchers have started to find the many medicinal values of this “fruit” and have proved the various diseases it can cure.

How should we incorporate mushrooms into our diet?

Thanks to this fungi’s wide variety of species, there are countless ways to enjoy this nutritional superfood. Mushrooms of different species have distinct flavours and textures that allow for great creativity and variation when preparing a meal with mushrooms. The firm caps of shiitake mushrooms make for a healthy and pleasant substitute for crunch in eggs and portions of pasta, whereas the cremini mushrooms are mostly preferred for pizzas and broths for their supple textures.

However, if the taste of mushrooms does not please your taste buds, rest assured that there are alternative options to consume these nutrient-rich foods. Any individual looking to benefit from mushrooms without engaging with their taste can choose from capsules, mushrooms-based protein powders, tinctures, mushroom-infused tea, and hot chocolate drinks to enjoy the nutritional values.

Nutritional benefits of mushrooms

Not only do mushrooms have a special place in food dishes thanks to their delicious flavours, but they are also a great source of a wide range of nutrients. It is often referred to as a super food that aids in weight loss, strengthens the mind and the bones, and essentially strengthens a person’s immune system due to the abundance of vitamins it carries. According to studies, mushrooms have been found to be responsible for enhancing cerebral nerve growth that significantly reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Mushrooms are also a good source of antioxidants such as selenium, beneficial to people suffering from injuries or who faces inflammation diseases. It can significantly reduce and produce anti-inflammatory benefits.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that humans commonly consume through the exposure of sunlight on their skin. It is quite rare to find vitamin d in foods, but it is necessary for humans as it helps the bones grow and remain healthy. Fortunately, mushrooms have a high concentration of vitamin D. They are recommended to substitute a handful of them with a banana to gain the same intake of vitamin D without the unnecessary sugar.

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