Growing lions mane mushrooms at home easily with grow kits

Have you been considering growing Lion’s Mane mushrooms? If you are, you are not alone. Interest in Lion’s mane mushrooms has grow exponentially over the last decade due to several publications regarding the health benefits of this mushroom. In particular the ability of Lion’s Mane mushrooms to improve cognition, and potentially reduce the affects of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s have led to huge increase in demand. Despite this, it can still be difficult to obtain fresh lion’s mane mushrooms at most supermarkets, making it an excellent mushroom to begin growing at home

Why and when to use grow kits for Lion’s Mane

While higher yields and a reduction in overall expense over time can be achieved by growing mushrooms from grain spawn, there are several valid reasons for using mushroom grow kits for Lion’s Mane

  • No specialist equipment required ( eg Autoclave, flow hood or ever pressure cooker)
  • Lower risk of contamination as bags arrive fully colonised
  • Can be used to harvest spores for your future spawn bags
  • Quick to fruit as bags arrive colonised

Best value Lions Mane Grow Kit

Michigan Mushroom Company Lions Mane Kit

Offering a 5lb grow kit at 28.99 and a 10lb grow kit at $44.99, the Michigan Mushroom Company offers the best value Lion’s Mane mushroom grow kits online.

The 5lb bag claims to be able to produce up to 4lbs of lions mane. This would be an outstanding result and would require multiple flushes

It is one the most established mushroom grow kit suppliers with 1400 positive review

Money back guarantee

Delay discounts- This is a significant benefit when purchasing Lion’s mane, as growers know it can fruit early and in the bag

Hodgins Harvest

Hodgins Harvest growing kit includes 7lbs of mushroom mycelium for $39.95. This is better value than many options online, however is more expensive than the Michigan mushroom company. It does however include several pieces of equipment that would suit an absolute beginner grower, or make for a good gift

a misting bottle,

a humidity dome,

an illustrated instruction manual. We have an instructional video available as well.

First flush guarantee is provided

Root Mushroom Farm

The Root Mushroom Farm Lion’s Mane grow kit retails at $28.99 for a 2.9lb grow kit. Therefore using this grow kit may not provide any financial benefit when compared to purchasing fresh Lion’s Mane mushroom directly, unless an unexpectedly high yield occurred. However, it makes for a suitable gift to anyone interested in learning about cooking and growing with gourmet and medical mushroom as everything required is in the kit.

The appearance of this kit is also most appealing as a gift as it is designed to appear as a log ( as the mushroom would grow in nature). However unlike Lion’s Mane mushrooms grown on true logs it will not continue to provide flushes of mushrooms for years to come.

Buyers can feel safe purchasing this kit with over 500 positive review on Amazon.

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